We are so excited to be here writing our first blog about the brewery. Every day it feels more and more real and closer to becoming a reality. We are pretty much in the stage of development where we tell people that we are starting a brewery and we talk about it a lot but it doesn’t specifically exist yet. I thought that I would share with you some of the steps we have taken towards making our dream a reality.

Step 1.

{So, since neither of us have ever started a brewery before we are guessing the steps.}

We both figured it would be a great idea to start brewing beer as our first step. And when I say “we” I mean Taylor. We secured ourselves a loan thanks to M&D Bank (Mom and Dad) and bought some fancy brewing equipment from Canada. The only reason I say where it’s from is because we had to pay an import fee and sales tax (yay!). So lesson one – be careful of cross border taxes and fees and incorporate those into your budget.

Taylor spent an immense amount of time (about a year) reading about the brewing process and learning about the minutia of water and sanitation before he ever picked up a piece of brewing equipment. We own about 100 books on all aspects of brewing.

Once all import fees had been paid and the brewing equipment arrived, Taylor was ready to go! He did his first few brews in our tiny kitchen that is next to our tiny dinning room/living room and I did not anticipate the disruption it would cause. It’s about an 8 to 9 hour water-everywhere-messy-kitchen-grain-smelling mess. And I quickly got over that.

We then decided to convert one of our guest bedrooms into a room for Taylor to brew so I don’t divorce him before we even get married (…jk…) And then we had to go through that whole process of moving the furniture out and installing a utility sink. But… it’s finally done and Taylor is able to brew in his new BREW DEN.

So that takes us to the present. Taylor is brewing in his brew den and loving life and I’ve got my house back!

Step 2.

This step is happening in conjunction with step 1 & this is where I come in. I’ve got experience in running companies so I’ve volunteered to do this part. I haven’t quite figured out the most important things like obtaining a liquor license etc. but I’m just going to take those as they come. I bought a book, not worried. Right now I am setting my sights on purchasing website domains that include TNT Brewing Co. & all of the copy writing that comes along with securing a business name. Blogging is also probably a great place to start – even if no one ever reads it. I’ve also been brainstorming like mad to come up with design ideas for the brewery and ways to set us apart from the competition.

I know opening a brewery isn’t a novel concept so I am thinking of all the ways that we can be unique and different. 

Step 3.

Start the business. 

This may seem like a duh step but it’s an important one. I wasn’t around for the inception of my other company so this is uncharted territory for me. I am working on researching the best type of business to become: LLC, sole-proprietor, corporation… But this can’t be done until me and Taylor officially tie the knot this June. Once we do – TNT Brewing Co. will be officially open for business. (jk we have a ways to go).


That brings us to the present day. Just like the journey of life, I haven’t quite got all of the steps figured out. I know what direction I am going and I know what the first few prints will be. Outside of that it’s a journey… don’t forget the beer. 

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  1. I look forward to following your journey. I am sorta in the same boat. I am interested to see what things you will face, since I will probably face them too. Keep up the good work (and hopefully the blog posting). Hopefully one day I will get a chance to visit your future brewery. Also, congrats on the marriage!


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